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Why Using UV Coating on Wood is Better For the Environment & Your Health

What is Wood Finishing

Environmentally friendly home office furniture

Wood finishing is the process of refining or protecting a wooden surface and is the final step in the overall manufacturing process. A good wood finish is recognized by providing several clear benefits which include protection against abrasion caused by dirt, damage caused by heat, and protection against the evaporation of moisture which can potentially change the structure of the wood surface itself if left unprotected. However, achieving all of these doesn’t come without a cost. There are various ways to finish and coat wood that have been utilized over the past several decades but one recurring issue that has been a part of the wood finishing process is the negative effects the process takes on the environment. 

What are the Harmful Effects of Conventional Wood Finishes

FENLO - VOC ECO-friendly Home furniture and office desks

Conventional wood finishes, such as those based on oil or water, release high levels of solvents that are classified as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which have not only been shown  to reduce the quality of indoor air found in homes, but can also lead to harmful health effects. One of the most common VOCs, formaldehyde, is found in most conventional wood finishes. Exposure to formaldehyde has been shown to lead to harmful side effects including irritation to sinuses, headaches, nausea, and damage to organs such as the liver or the kidney. So not only are VOCs bad for the environment but they are also a threat to your own health. On one last note, conventional wood finishes uses high amounts of energy which in turn has a negative impact on the environment. So how can we avoid the issue of contributing negatively to both the overall environment and the air quality found within your own home? 

Why UV Coating is Eco-Friendly

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UV coating is a type of wood finish that involves the surface being cured by ultraviolet radiation. Unlike typical wood finishing processes that use heavy amounts of harmful solvents and VOCS, 100% UV radiation coating uses little to no VOCs in the process. The end result is a process that is able to create a nice, clean finish that gives protection from heat, moisture, and dirt, and allows for a pleasant, glossy aesthetic of the wood itself. All of this is achieved without contributing negatively to the environment and allows for a product that avoids releasing harmful chemicals into your personal home. Not to mention, another benefit of the UV coating process when compared to other methods is that the amount of energy used is significantly lower than standard wood finishing processes.

Why We Use UV Coating

FENLO - ECO-friendly Home furniture and office desks

Unfortunately, not every company decides to utilizes UV coating due to the increased cost of manufacturing but at FENLO we have decided to make a conscious effort of limiting the amount of harmful chemicals that is released in typical wood finishes so that we can deliver high quality, environmentally friendly, and safe products that you can enjoy from the comfort of your home.

Home Furniture that is Eco-Friendly

Desk with Power Outlet and USB

1. FENLO Future Luxury Desk

Our bestseller, the luxuriously designed Future Study Desk with Wireless, USB & USB-C Charging, is made from a specialized process that utilizes recycled wood fibers to create a strong, durable wooden desk with wireless charging and more. Future is also created with a UV coat to create a smooth desk that is easy-to-clean, resistant to small scratches, avoids basic moisture damage, and is above all else safe for your home.

LED Floor Lamp with Shelf

2. FENLO Fancy LED Display Shelf

Fancy is a gorgeous display shelf that features four embedded LED poles that is both environmentally friendly and beautiful to look at. Similar to the Future Study Desk with Wireless Charging, the FENLO Fancy is made using eco-friendly materials and utilizes 100% UV Coating as a finish. As stated before, Fancy also includes embedded LED poles which use less energy than typical incandescent lighting so that you can spend less and use less energy.  This affords for a display shelf that not only is beautiful to look at but also is less impactful to the environment and your own personal health. 


Floor Lamps with Shelves

3. ATAMIN Floor Lamp with Shelves

If you prefer a more classic look for your floor lamps, the team at ATAMIN uses UV coating for all of their floor lamps with shelves. The biggest standout (literally) is Aaron, which stands at 6 feet high when fully assembled. Aaron also includes three storage drawers, making it a great selection for those who want to store their valuables and other miscellaneous items. The two other ATAMIN products, Avery and Alvis, are both a little above five feet in height and offer a great aesthetic for those who prefer a more minimal style. No matter which of the ATAMIN brothers that you choose, all of them include an LED bulb and are all UV coated and safe for your home.

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