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College Dorm Essentials - The Best Study Desk For College

Whether it's living in the dorms or living in a shared space with roommates, every college student knows you only get one tiny space that you’ll most likely have to share with others. Finding ways to make every inch count is one of the quintessential aspects of college living. Whether it's storing clothes or trying to make a study space, or even trying to find a space to cook in your room, finding life hacks to save space is a necessity. One common Wishlist item that a lot of college students look for is a modern desk for studying. Often, this would mean a plain old wooden desk accompanied by all the needed accessories that a college student requires: charging cables, plugs, laptop chargers, phone charges, and a whole array of other things. But what if I told you there existed a study desk that already has all of that built right in? Here are some college dorm essentials that’ll save space while still being useful for every college student. 

How to Upgrade your Study Desk: Try an All-in-One Charging Desk 

fenlo future study desk

The designers at FENLO have created the perfect study desk. Just got a brand new Apple MacBook and looking for compatible products to upgrade your study sessions? The FENLO Future has you covered by not only being a desk with wireless charging, but by also being the only desk with USB-C charging on the market. Oh, and the FENLO Future also comes with a USB charging port. A desk with wireless charging, USB charging, & USB-C charging sounds great but the Future doesn’t stop there. By incorporating a built-in, 360° fully adjustable lamp, the Future is the perfect desk for studying late at night (something every college student knows too well).

The Future study desk also features an energy efficient switch allowing students to save on energy costs when the desk isn’t in use. Being able to completely optimize your space by cutting down on extra cables and getting rid of the need for extra charging accessories is one of the best aspects of the Future Study Desk, making it a college student must-have.


Looking For a Display Shelf to Pair Up with your Study Desk?

fancy display shelf and future study desk

Trying to find ways to make your room look fancy while still being minimalistic? Check out the Fancy Floor Lamp with Shelves. This luxury designed floor lamp features a unique design that optimizes space by including four embedded LED poles built right into the lamp itself. Not only that, but by including 3 brightness settings, Fancy is perfect for those who are more conscious of the amount of energy they use. Oh, and by including four tiers of shelves, the Fancy floor lamp is also the perfect display shelf for any college student who is looking to save on space. 

Prefer a More Classic Floor Lamp? Check out Avery, Alvis, & Aaron

For those of you who are looking for a more classic floor lamp with shelves, the FENLO collection of Fancy Edge: PRO, Fancy: PRO, & Fantasy Plus: PRO pretty much has you covered. They feature three display shelves, and are perfect for college students who are looking for college dorm essentials due to their smaller, more minimal design. The classically-styled aesthetic is not only beautiful but the quality of the materials themselves and the design behind the lamps ensures a durable floor lamp that doubles as a classic display shelf. Honestly, any college student looking for dorm essentials can’t go wrong with any of these three floor lamps.

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