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The Ultimate Display Case for Your NFL Collectibles

Are you an NFL enthusiast looking for a way to show off your prized memorabilia? Look no further! The Fenlo Fantasy Plus is the perfect display case to showcase your collectibles. Here are five reasons why this display cabinet is the best option for your collection.


Four Dimmable LED Modules

The Fenlo Fantasy Plus is equipped with four dimmable LED modules that can be adjusted for complete control over how your room and collectibles look. Whether you’re looking for a subtle light or a bright, vibrant atmosphere, these LED modules will give you the illumination you need to make any room look amazing. Not only that, but they’ll also provide enough light to highlight each of your NFL collector’s items so everyone can get a good look at them.

Remote Controlled 

With the included 3-button remote control or foot switch, you can adjust the lighting from anywhere in the room with ease. This gives you even more flexibility when it comes to controlling the atmosphere of your space and ensuring that each item in your collection has just the right amount of contrast and clarity in order to stand out among all other pieces.

Four Glass Display Shelves

This floor lamp has four glass shelves built tough enough to hold whatever you want on display. Show off what matters most to you with this display cabinet for collectibles; from autographed jerseys and helmets to limited edition figurines, everything will be beautifully illuminated on these shelves. And don’t worry about putting too much weight on them—these shelves are designed specifically to handle heavy weights without any issue whatsoever!


With its four dimmable LED modules, remote controlled functionality, and four glass display shelves, there really isn’t any better option than the Fenlo Fantasy Plus when it comes to displaying your most cherished NFL collector's items. Whether it be an autographed jersey or limited edition figurine, this display case has everything you need and more in order to ensure that all of your memorabilia get their moment in the spotlight! So if you’re an NFL enthusiast looking for a way to show off your prized possessions, then choose the Fenlo Fantasy Plus today! You won't regret it.   ​​​​​​

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