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How to Turn Your Ordinary Room Into an NFL Collectibles Display

Choose your favorite NFL team and start collecting memorabilia

Are you an NFL fan who loves getting your hands on special memorabilia to show your team loyalty? If so, it’s time to choose your favorite NFL team and start collecting the amazing collectibles out there. Whether you're a die-hard fan of the Patriots or consider yourself part of Raider Nation, here are some must-haves that all fans should keep in mind when building their collection. Get ready for a comprehensive look at the most sought-after items from each franchise!


Hang a giant banner or poster of your favorite player on one wall

Do you have a favorite player in the NFL? Are you excited each time they do something amazing out on the field? If so, why not show your enthusiasm and spirit with a giant banner or poster of your favorite player hanging on one of your walls? You can quickly bring your living room, bedroom, office, or any other part of your home to life by proudly displaying a team's logo or an image of their beloved star athlete. Not only will these pieces make for great collector items years down the line, but they also provide an excellent way to exhibit just how devoted a fan you truly are!


Place a few stadium seats in the corner of the room 

Do you love to grab memorabilia and get that one-of-a-kind feeling when it comes to displaying it in your home? If so, you’ll be delighted to hear that adding some unique decor with a piece of history can now become achievable. Collecting discarded stadium seats from your favorite team can add a personal touch to any room, getting those nostalgic vibes while also showing off what’s truly important - loyalty. With more teams transitioning into new stadiums or renovation projects happening in their current fields, chances are there is an opportunity for you to place a few stadium seats in the corner of your room!


Mount a helmet or jersey on the wall

As an NFL enthusiast, you know the joys of having a great collection of memorabilia from your favorite teams. Whether it's jerseys and football cards or authentic autographed helmets, each item has its own particular story to tell about why you love the game. But what is equally as thrilling for some people – perhaps even more so – is when they can mount these keepsakes onto their walls or other appropriate locations around their homes! Mounting your prized sports collectibles captures that intent look of endorsement and gives us another simple way of expressing our fanhood without words.


Fill up a display case with footballs, helmets, and other collectibles

When it comes to NFL collectibles, the possibilities are endless! Whether you’re a long-time fan or just starting in the world of collecting, it can be overwhelming to decide where to start. An exciting way to begin your journey into this fun hobby is by filling up a display case with some of your favorite footballs, helmets, and other collectibles. Not only does this give you easy access for appreciating them daily, but it also makes an impressive addition to any room - plus, your friends will undoubtedly be impressed too!

With Fenlo’s Fantasy Plus Wide Glass Display Shelves with Dimmable LED Lights you can showcase all your collectibles with integrated lighting to make your display stand out.


No matter which team you choose, adding NFL memorabilia to your home is a great way to show fandom. With simple steps, you can turn an ordinary room into an excellent display of everything you love about the sport and your team. Do you have any other tips for displaying NFL collectibles? Let us know!

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