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The “Future” of All-in-One School Desks with Charging Stations

Desks with Charging Stations

It’s no longer the ‘90s. Students and professionals need to be “plugged in” to do their jobs - more often than not, literally.

Here at FENLO, we’re committed to creating timeless, functional desks, shelf lights, and much more - all with an aim to create simple yet practical solutions to common needs.

We’ve done it in the FENLO Future All-in-One Modern Desk with a Charging Station, which is perfect for students, remote-work professionals, and everyone in between.

Plenty of Room for the Essentials

What should a desk offer, if not adequate room for books, computers and other electronics, personal accessories and, of course, decorations?

The Future Charging Desk is simple and straightforward, with plenty of room for the essentials. With over 858 square inches (that’s nearly 6 square feet) of surface area, you’ll never be cramped again.

That’s plenty of room for your laptop, books, a cup of coffee or two, plus, for the students out there reading this - personal effects, framed pictures of loved ones, and more.

Plus, our simple, sleek, modern aesthetic forgoes any drawers, so you’ll enjoy plenty of legroom, too.

The Ultimate Charging Desk

Modern problems require modern solutions, and remote students and workers need to keep plugging in at all times.

That FENLO Future All-in-One Desk with a Charging Station solves that problem at the source.

It has an AC outlet for general-purpose power applications as well as two USB charging ports, one USB-A, and one USB-C port. It has everything you need in one place, conveniently located for easy access - with no adapters needed. This desk also features a 5W wireless charger which is compatible with the newer iPhone models that support wireless charging technology.

That’s more than enough outlet-real estate for all your electronic essentials, including but not limited to your laptop, tablet, phone, wireless headphones, and anything else you’re in the habit of keeping charged and ready.

Environmentally Friendly Lighting

The Future All-in-One Desk with Charging Station is everything you need for all-hours studying, productivity, and work.

This desk features a lamp with a linen shade and comes with an included A19 9W LED bulb that is long-lasting and offers excellent color temperature and color-rendering index.

It’s perfect for keeping productive even later in the day and at night and even features an energy-efficiency switch.

On top of that, the FENLO Future’s LED lighting is long-lasting, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly. LEDs last many, many times longer than both incandescent bulbs and CFLs and use less electricity.

Strong, Durable, Aesthetically Pleasing

Desk with a Charging Station

The FENLO Future All-in-One is also strong, durable, and aesthetically pleasing, making it perfect for a wide range of settings.

It weighs only 35 pounds - making it easier to move into and out of location for added versatility, and is made from strong, durable, UV-coated engineered wood that is environmentally friendly and long-lasting.

It’s also available in several different colors so you can match the mood to the setting. Choose a black or white finish for color-neutral settings or go with walnut, natural wood, or rustic wood for a warmer, more natural appeal.

Mid-Century Modern - and More!

We’ve keyed in on mid-century modern appeal in the creation of the FENLO Future Desk because we know that that aesthetic is widely compatible with a large range of settings and interior design schemes.

Mid-century modern designs, with their minimal aesthetics and emphasis on bare lines, are perfect not only for dedicated mid-century modern interiors, but also for minimal, industrialist, brutalist settings, and many other schools of design.

Even in maximalist and more traditional settings, the demure, non-conflicting linear appeal of mid-century modern designs will not clash with the other elements of a setting - meaning this desk will slip right into place, almost no matter where you place it.

Also Great for Home Offices

The Future All-in-One Desk is not just great for students as a writing desk or computer desk - it’s also great for home offices, too.

As more and more companies transition to full-remote or hybrid models, you may be soon called upon to dedicate a space in your home as an office. Perhaps you’ve already done so but you haven’t gotten a dedicated work desk yet.

This is the perfect solution, with lighting and USB ports built right in, making it perfect for charging laptops, cell phones, power banks and so much more. There’s also plenty of space for keyboard trays, organizers, and office supplies - in case you still use any traditional materials.

This makes the FENLO Future ideal not only for offices but also for living rooms, bedrooms, and other such spaces.

Buy Now, Save More

Whether you’re looking for a new desk to bring with you back to school or are setting up a home office for the first time, our FENLO Future All-in-One Desk with a Charging Station is the ideal solution.

Plus, we’re running a sale right now (July 2022) on this desk. Normally priced at 198.98, we’re offering the FENLO Future for 149.99 - a savings of nearly $50!

Check the link above for more details or contact us

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