The Best Pieces for Your Corner Display Shelf

Corner Display Shelf

At times, it can be difficult to show your personality or interests when you want to decorate your house in the latest style. The modern look is often so simplistic and free of knicknacks. You don’t want your place to look cluttered or take away from your design elements, but you still want to display things you’re proud of or something that shows off your hobby. The perfect way to do that is with a corner display shelf!

What is a Corner Display Shelf?

A corner display shelf is basically a multi-level shelf that can fit in the corner of your room. It’s shaped in a certain way to fit into that interesting area.

You’re in the right place if you are looking to add a corner display shelf to your decor. We have one that’s perfect for any decor style and will show off your items in a classy, stylish way. With four fully integrated LED poles, it has adjustable lighting that will make your items look better than ever. It has four display shelves so you can show off a multitude of things without it looking cluttered and stuffy.

How to Pick the Right Corner Display Shelf

There are certain things to keep in mind when picking out a corner display shelf. Here is what to look for:

Quality - Corner display shelves should be durable and look solid. Look for a shelf with quality materials like wood and metal. A flimsy shelf made with cheap material will not only be a risk but bring down the entire appearance of your space.

Size - You want to make sure that the shelf not only fits into the corner properly but has enough space between each shelf to fit plants, books, and more.

Lighting - If you want to show off your stuff in a professional way, you definitely want to go with a shelf with LED lighting. This will make this corner of the room look special no matter what you decide to put on the shelves. Our LED-lit corner display shelf has adjustable lighting so you can pick between something soft and warm or bright and vibrant. 

Best Things to Put on a Display Shelf

Wondering what to put on your corner display shelf to better show off your personality while enhancing your overall decor? Here are some of the best things to display if you want to make an impact.


Plants are a popular thing to display since they add a touch of green and life to any room. If you have a modern living room, you most likely have a lot of clean lines and sharp edges. A plant can balance that out, whether it’s a structured succulent or a dangling and dainty vine-like plant. Plants are also great additions to boho chic rooms that want to create that sense of wonder and comfort, inspiring positive daydreams while not being too cluttered.


Remember when people used to hang up a ton of family photos on the wall, usually in the stairway? Now you probably think of framed photos all over the wall as feeling a bit cluttered or lacking style. You probably think of your parents. But a corner display shelf can help you display your most treasured captured memories without feeling clunky and out of place. Try putting one larger frame with one smaller frame on one shelf to keep it looking balanced and purposeful.


Do you have a smaller piece of artwork that you don’t think would look good hanging on the wall? That may work perfectly for your corner display shelf! The key is not picking artwork that is too big and makes the shelf look cramped. You should also pick artwork that matches the rest of your room’s vibe, helping to tell a story and create a cohesive look.

Anime Figures

If you have a fandom, it’s hard to keep it to yourself! Maybe you love binging a certain anime or you grind a particular video game for hours a day. It can be tough to rep your favorite geeky obsession when you want to keep your decor looking “mature” and “stylish.” But a corner display shelf can help display anime figures, mini posters, and other related merch in a way that is organized and not overpowering. It’s perfect for any office or room that needs a bit of extra flair.


If you have a fish that doesn’t require a larger tank, you can definitely make a statement by putting your fish’s home on the top shelf of our corner display shelf. Just make sure that your corner display shelf is not placed in an area that’s too hot, cold, sunny, or shady for your fish. You might also want to place a mat underneath. But this can free up room on your coffee table or side table for more decor-centric pieces.


You thought coffee tables were the only place for books? Same! But corner display shelves are great for a small stack of books, especially if they are thoughtfully detailed or a color that works well with your space. This can be great for a study, office, living room, or bedroom.


Do you have something special to you that you always want to remember but aren’t sure exactly where it fits in on your decor? Maybe it’s an old record, a shell or piece of driftwood, an anniversary gift… These can be great for a corner display shelf, giving them a structured display option without overpowering the rest of your decor!

Did you enjoy these tips? Be sure to check out our blog for more inspiration, and don’t forget to take a look around our entire store. We have a great variety of modern furniture solutions that can help you make your living space more functional and aesthetic!

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