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The Best Mid-Century Modern Desk in 2021

How the FENLO Future Redefined Mid-Century Modern Design 

mid-century modern desk used for working

What Is Mid-Century Modern Style?

Following the years directly after the end of World War II, the United States experienced a booming economic period of growth. Many newly created, young families were looking for ways to furnish their first homes and wanted a style to reflect the optimistic outlook many had following WWII. This period is when mid-century modern design was first introduced and completely changed how society perceives form and function. People wanted to differentiate their homes from the previous generations before the war; they wanted homes to be more family-orientated, functional, and efficient all while retaining that clean and beautiful aesthetic. During this period of time, mid century modern furniture dominated art, interior design, and architecture. By providing the ability to feature gentle curves, combining multiple materials, and clean lines, mid-century modern design has lasting effects on home décor to this day. 

Mid-Century Modern Desks in 2021

mid century modern desk in 2021

Even in 2021, mid-century modern design has proven time and again that this beautiful style is here to stay in the United States. It is easy to see why this style remains so popular since it reminisces about a time where simplicity and functionality were the focus of home décor. For people looking for a workstation that combines both function and clean aesthetic, mid century design offers the best of both worlds. There are many modern desks on the market that follow this classic aesthetic and it is pretty well-known that the best mid-century modern computer desks and mid-century modern writing desks will always offer the ability of prioritizing space and incorporating the functionally ergonomic design that is necessary for a person to be productive.

Of course, nowadays we live in a futuristic society where we need our furniture to be smart enough to handle all of our day-to-day needs while still being ergonomically efficient. Ever been in a situation where your phone was dying and you just couldn’t find that pesky charger or you didn't have a free outlet nearby? Or you’re trying to work but your charging station is at a completely different location than your desk? At FENLO, we recognized that sometimes we all need a little bit of convenience in our lives. We wanted to redefine the “modern”  in “mid century modern desk” while still retaining the classic look that we all love. The end result is a beautiful desk that incorporates integrated wireless charging, USB & USB-C charging ports, a power outlet, an embedded desk lamp, and two switches to control it all.

The Best Mid-Century Modern Desk

FENLO FUTURE - Luxury Charging desk with mid century modern design

We wanted to create a charging desk that focuses on productivity, efficiency, and optimizing workflow while still retaining a beautifully classic look. Introducing: The Future Multifunctional Desk with USB Ports and Power Outlet + Wireless Charger. Unlike every single other mid century desk on the market, the Future has several unique features that no other mid century desk has. From the size of the desk to even the type of coating we use, every single feature of the Future desk has been specifically chosen to create an optimal working experience for 2021 and beyond. For someone who is in need of a modern workstation that has your back in the 21st century, the Future desk has your back.

Redefining the Modern in Mid-Century Modern Design

Mid-Century modern desk used for studying

The biggest difference that sets our mid century modern desk apart from the rest of the market, and what solidifies it as the absolutely best desk for studying or working in the 21st century, is the ability to charge all of your devices all within one desk. The Future charging desk includes an embedded wireless charger, a USB charging port, and lastly a USB-C charging port.  Oh, not to mention that the future desk also includes an AC power outlet for those who struggle with open outlets at home. No need to throw in all these extra charging accessories when you can simply charge laptops, smartphones, tablets, and all other devices within one conveniently made desk. 

Minimalism x Productivity: The Perfectly Sized Modern Desk

fenlo future charging desk

If you’re looking for a mid-century modern desk, you are most likely looking for a compact desk that can fit in your home without committing too much space. The ability to place the desk in any room while fitting in with any style and without looking clunky is important to those who are interested in this particular modern style of desks.  Of course, there is a balance to be had between minimalism and being optimal for work so we have ensured that our Future desk can accomplish all of your work tasks while still remaining minimal. Our desk has a length of 39.4 inches, a width of 22 inches, and a height of 28.3 inches (61.6 including lamp) when fully assembled so that you easily place laptops, notebooks, and plenty of other accessories without feeling too cluttered.

A Modern Workstation Built To Last

future desk with wireless charging

At FENLO we choose to use eco-friendly, hiqh-quality materials for the base of our mid century modern desk. We specifically chose specialized, high-quality engineered wood because it allows for our desk to retain a clean, glossy finish while still being smooth and pleasant to the touch. There is very little noticeable grain on the table itself, which is essential for those who are wanting to optimize their modern workstation to suit their study or work needs. Of course, it wouldn’t be mid-century design if we didn’t incorporate beautifully crafted round tapered legs to prop up our desk. The tapered legs themselves are created in a way to ensure longevity and durability, while also being fully stress tested, so that you can confidently place your laptop, phone, notebooks, and more all upon your modern desk without worry.

Modern Desk with a Built-in Desk Lamp

luxury desk used for working day and night

To further optimize your workflow, this gorgeous mid century wooden desk also includes an embedded lamp that features a domed linen lampshade that encapsulates the mid century modern aesthetic. The lamp itself is also fully adjustable in a 360 degree radius so you can simply adjust the lamp to fit your aesthetic. To top it all off, our desk also includes a power switch specifically for the lamp itself which allows you to control the lighting to suit your workflow.

Save Energy with Energy Efficient Power Switches

energy efficient power switch for mid century desk

Worried about wasting energy when your charging ports are not in use? Well don’t fret because unlike every other mid century modern desk on the market, the Future charging desk also includes two switches to control the power to your workstation. One switch is capable of controlling the power of the desk lamp whilst the other energy efficient switch is capable of controlling the power to the built-in charging station, specifically the USB & USB-C ports. We felt it was essential to include both of these features in our desk so that you can conserve energy when the charging ports are not in use.

Flexible for Anything and Everything

future charging desk used in bedroom & living room

We designed our Future desk to be extremely flexible. You can use this multifunctional desk as an office or computer desk, a study table, end table, entryway table, or even as a functional floor lamp. I personally love using the Future as my personal study hub; I often keep all my charging accessories there along with everything else I need to be productive.

The FENLO Difference


Our products assemble easily with simple hand tools. They are sturdy and built to last with an advanced non-toxic UV coating for enhanced durability while preventing that new furniture smell. FENLO is dedicated to providing you with high-quality furniture and lighting pieces that are modern and stylish. We stand by the quality of all our products and our friendly customer service team is committed to providing you with exceptional service.

Future Mid-Century Modern Desks Questions

What is a mid-century modern desk?

It is a desk that incorporates the characteristics of mid-century modern design, such as clean lines, muted tones, vibrant colors,  and combining natural and manmade materials. The end result is a specific design that is very visually appealing and different from most desks today.

Is this particular modern design still in fashion in 2021?

Yes, this particular design has been cemented as a normal part of interior design since its inception in the late forties. Popularity fluctuates decade by decade but in recent years there has been considerable demand for this particular type of desk featuring a mid century design. This is one of the defining reasons we chose to fashion our desk after this style. We saw the demand and wanted to create a classic desk that can do everything you need for the 21st century.

What makes the Future different than every other desk on the market?

The Future is the only desk that has a fully-loaded charging station embedded right into the desk itself. No other desk on the market has wireless charging, USB charging, & USB-C charging. Throw in a built-in desk lamp and you now have a desk that can do it all.

Is the Desk made of good quality? How long does it last? Is it Sturdy?

The Future is built to last using high-quality, eco-friendly materials that are stronger than most types of engineered wood on the market.

How does the desk ship? Is it a big box?

To guarantee that the Future arrives safe and sound to your home, we decided to package it in a way where it is completely easy to assemble right out of the box. We have also included a user friendly instructional manual and a video guide to help with the assembly process. In addition, FENLO customer support is available to assist with any issues or concerns you may have.

Is it safe to use all the outlets and ports at the same time?

Yes, our desk is certifiably safe and is heavily tested to ensure that you can use all of the features at the same time. We have even included an energy efficient switch so that you can save energy when the desk is not in use!

What are the dimensions of the desk?

The Future has a length of 39.4 inches, a width of 22 inches, and a height of 28.3 inches (61.6 including lamp) when fully assembled. These specific dimensions were chosen so that the future desk can accomplish day-to-day tasks while still retaining that minimalistic look that is aesthetically pleasing.

What about the desk lamp? What's the scoop about that?

The Future's built-in desk lamp is engineered to provide optimal lighting during everyday tasks. We have incorporated a patented magnetic design that ensures that the accompanying lamp shade remains clean and seamless. The desk itself comes with an energy efficient LED light bulb but is compatible with all types of standard-sized bulbs including smart bulbs (smart hub sold separately). When not in use the desk lamp can be simply turned off by a flick of the switch.

I love the future but I have a suggestion for improvement, who do I tell?

FENLO Customer Service is available and will gladly receive all suggestions or comments. We are always striving for ways to innovate and improve and would love to hear all of your suggestions!

Where can I buy the Future?

The Future is available on Amazon, Walmart, and right here at



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