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Wondering How to Build Your Own Charging Table?

Why FENLO Decided to Create the Only All-in-One Charging Table on the Market.

Charging Table in Bedroom

Charging Station Tables in 2021

With the continuous usage of smartphones, wireless devices, laptops, and a whole array of electronic devices being common in our daily lives, there has never been a better time to invest in a charging station that can handle all of your charging needs. For those who are unaware, a charging station is simply a hub that has multiple USB charging ports, with some even including wireless charging. Now while getting a charging station might be a solution for some, it also increases the amount of extra accessories that we need in our home just to function. In fact, with all these devices in our lives space also becomes a valuable commodity within our homes. Which is why there is a considerable interest in learning how to optimize space while still retaining the ability to charge all of your lovely electronic devices. One particular solution many have found is incorporating a charging station within your personal table or desk at home, as this reduces space. 

Building Your Own Charging Table Can Be Tedious

Building your own charging table can be hard

Indeed, quite a few people are searching for how to build a charging table -- essentially a table that has built-in charging functions. At FENLO we recognized that building your own charging table is not an easy task for everybody. There are videos on how to build a wireless phone charging table and various articles on how to build your own charging station from scratch but all of them have several common problems. One, all of the solutions require some knowledge of woodwork in addition to the necessary drills and hardware tools to cut and fashion wood. The process can be time consuming depending on experience level and can often end up in mixed results. There is also the necessity of buying other auxiliary equipment, such as a power strip, wireless charger, or even a strip of USB ports. For people who simply just wanted a quick, tools-free experience of building your own DIY charging table there was little hope. If you’re anything like me and absolutely dislike complicated and drawn out experiences, you might prefer a more convenient solution that is easy as counting to 1-2-3. This is why the engineers at FENLO have decided to fill this niche and give all of those who are looking for how to build a charging table, whether it is a wireless charging table or even a charging station table, a perfect and convenient solution.

Easy To Assemble Charging Table

Future Charging Station Table

The FENLO Future Charging Table is the only charging station table on the market that incorporates ALL charging features. This includes an embedded wireless charger that is optimized for charging the newest and latest compatible smartphones. For those who might have an Apple iPhone or an Apple MacBook, the FENLO Future charging station table is capable of charging all Apple products by utilizing a USB-C charging port (the only table on the market that has one) in conjunction with a standard USB charging port + the previously mentioned wireless charger. In addition, the Future also includes an AC power outlet so that you can even plug your laptop right into the desk itself. Of course, by including all these charging features, the FENLO Future charging desk is fully compatible with Android devices as well.

Breakdown of the Key Features of the FENLO Future Charging Table

  1. Wireless Charging - Place your wireless charging compatible device on the icon for quick and easy cable-free charging. It's simple, convenient, and works with most newer model smartphones.
  2. USB & USB-C Ports - The Future desk includes one USB charging port and one USB-C charging port. The USB port is reversible so you won't ever have to fumble with your cords to figure out which side is correct.
  3. AC Power Outlet - An AC power outlet is included for your convenience. Charge additional devices or use it to power LED light strips or an additional lamp, the choice is yours.
  4. Energy Efficient Power Switch - For those who prefer to have full control over their desk, we have included a specific power switch for all the charging ports so that you can save on energy while the charging station is not in use.

Charging Table Meets Luxury Design

Luxury Charging Table

As an added benefit to the embedded charging station, the Future charging desk also includes several other features. An attached desk lamp is included along with a specially crafted UV coating that protects the table from minor scratches and provides a clean, glossy look. When fully assembled, the future table has a length of 39.4 inches, a width of 22 inches, and a height of 28 inches (61.6 inches when lamp is included). This means the table is perfect for everyday use, such as working with a laptop.  Lastly, the FENLO Future is built to last. By using high quality materials, the Future is not a flimsy table that will easily break under the slightest touch. For those who are looking for a charging table that can truly do it all, the Future is available on Amazon, Walmart, and ShopFenlo.com

FAQS About Building Your Own Charging Table

What is the difference between a charging station and a charging table?

A charging station is simply a hub with multiple charging ports for various electronic devices all within one location. Charging tables are standard desks or tables that incorporates a charging station right within the desk. Charging stations are great for those who are not looking for new furniture but in the long term a charging table will show its value by removing the need for extra accessories.

Can you build your own table with charging?

It is most definitely possible to build your own charging station table. However, the process itself requires proficient knowledge of woodwork and comfortability with measuring and cutting wood. If you aren't the type to want to do it all yourself, or simply the type who wants a guaranteed working product, a the Future charging desk would be a great addition to your home.

What tools will I need to build my own table?

It depends on the method that you are following but most methods are going to at the minimum require wood, tools to cut the wood, and mechanical tools to drill the wood and secure nails in place. In addition, you would need your own charging hub to attach to the platform + any other auxiliary accessories.

Where can I buy tables with charging?

There are various small side tables with charging capabilities on the market. However, if you are looking for a charging desk that specifically has a USB-C charging port along with a regular USB port + a wireless charger, the Future is literally the only table that exists with all three. The Future is available on Amazon, Walmart, and ShopFenlo.com.

What features should I look for in charging desks?

It depends on the specific charging functions of your device. It is important to make sure that whichever charging station or desk that you choose that it has all the necessary charging ports that are required for your phone or laptop. For example, Apple products often use USB-C ports in conjunction with Lightning-to-USB cables to charge most of their devices so making sure that the charging station has an USB-C charging port plus a regular USB port would be essential. If you are an android user, it depends on the make and model of your device but most devices will be charged using either a USB-C charging port or a regular USB port. Due diligence is required when shopping for the perfect table with charging capabilities. Fortunately, at FENLO we got you covered and included every possible port that you will need to charge your smart devices.

What if I want to build a table with charging myself?

No worries, we know the feeling of accomplishment you get when you make a product yourself. For the Future, we simply handled the hard part of making sure all the dimensions are correct and attaching the desk itself to the charging station. You simply just have to assemble the desk yourself using easy-to-follow instructions that are included with every purchase. In addition, we also included an instructional video guide that walks you through the process. Most self-installs can be done under 10 minutes and if there are any hiccups, FENLO Customer Service is available to help!

Is the Future Desk Sustainable?

We have included an energy efficient switch with our Future Desk that allows you to turn the charging functions on or off so that you will be able to save energy when the charging functions are not in use. In addition, all of our products are built to last so as to cut down on the amount of waste that ends up in landfills.  We use specialized engineered wood that is eco-friendly and lessens the impact of furniture manufacturing. We are always striving for ways to lessen the impact on our environment. If you have any suggestions or concerns, please reach out to customer support and we will gladly help you further!

 I want to know more about this, where can I give suggestions or leave comments?

The Customer Service team is available here and will gladly receive all comments and suggestion. We do truly value feedback and are willing to listen and incorporate all types of suggestions or requests for features. 

Final Thoughts For Buying a Table With Wireless Charging

The Future simply is the complete package for those who want a table that can charge everything from one convenient spot. Personally, the type of person who would enjoy a desk like this is those who are into the latest gadgets and who realize they're always struggling to find spaces to charge their devices. College students and working professionals alike would find use a in desk that can charge their laptops and their phones without having to deal with extra power cords and such.  If your focus is to find a table that just simply has wireless charging, then there are various options on the market BUT if you want a table that can not only charge everything wirelessly, but can also charge devices through a USB and a USB-C port, the future desk is literally the only option on the market.

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