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How to Optimize Your Desk

Your desk is where you get your most important work done. It’s where you sit down every day and accomplish whatever tasks are in front of you. Set yourself up for success by taking the time to make sure your desk is as optimized as possible for productivity. A few minutes of time could save you hours of lost productivity and distractions. 

Start with the right desk

Future Oval is a perfectly-sized desk, includes a detachable 360° adjustable overhead lamp, and has all the tech accessibility you’d want. A modern, minimalistic design with a small footprint (45.5” L  x 23.5” W), this office table or desk is perfect for getting your work done in an organized fashion. It has enough space to spread out without taking up too much space in your home, apartment, or dorm. 

Keep your workspace well lit

Adequate lighting is incredibly important to proper productivity. Without proper lighting you’ll never be able to see what’s in front of you, never mind focus on it. When lighting is dedicated or focused on one specific area we call it task lighting. Task lighting narrows your focus and lets you concentrate all of your attention on one single area without distractions. 

This is exactly the kind of lighting you can expect from the overhead lamp included and built into Future Oval. You’ll be able to adjust the overhead arm to position the lamp exactly how you want it for the ultimate task lighting. 

Make sure all your tools are charged

Your phone and computer are some of the most important tools we have when it comes to the modern workweek. Everything from answering calls to responding to emails to researching new topics is all done with these two devices. Make sure they’re charged up and ready to go by buying a desk with integrated charging capabilities! Future oval has a power outlet, as well as USB and USB-C charging ports to make sure you never miss a text or important zoom call

Start with a blank slate

Before deciding what to put on your desk, the first step is to clear everything off. Once everything is put away you can start repopulating your space with just the essentials. Remember, the essentials don't just need to be work-focused, but anything that makes you happy including toys, books, family pictures, or flowers.

Keep a pen and paper handy

It may seem a little antiquated, but there really is nothing like an old-fashioned pen and paper when it comes to taking quick notes. 

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