How To Organize And Decorate Your Home Office In A Small Space

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With the world increasingly going remote, setting up a space that's quiet and conducive for work becomes a challenge, especially if you only have so much living space to work with. With the right ideas and mindset, however, it's relatively easy to turn any small space into an ideal setup for your new home office.

However, if you find that you're struggling with trying to create that ideal work setup in your home, we've got a few ideas that you can take into consideration and apply. But first! Take a few minutes to...

Survey Your Surroundings

Have a look around your house or apartment and try to look for those places where you feel you'll be able to obtain a good measure of peace and quiet. Consider also whether you feel you'll be able to focus in that particular space. After all, while an office by the window could feel less monotonous and more refreshing, you also don't want to continuously be distracted by whatever is going on outside.

Choose A Quiet Nook

Part of the definition of a nook is that it's a place where you can find yourself feeling comfortable and relaxed. The best way to find these spaces is to just hang around and test each one. Grab a chair and try sitting at that lonely corner in the living room or kitchen.

But if you're having trouble deciding on a particular spot, consider these options:

1. Build Yourself A Cubicle

If you find that a particular space feels too wide and open, you can consider putting up a partition, or buying one of those folding room dividers to help create a tiny cubicle for yourself. Doing this can help minimize distractions such as seeing people walk across the living room. They can also be a good way to hide potential distractions behind you whenever you're on a video call.

2. A Corner In Your Bedroom

Sometimes there's no better space more suited for work than your own bedroom. If you have a bedside table consider replacing it with a charging desk that can serve as both the bedside table and your working desk.

3. Inside Your Closet

Do you have a second closet, an open closet, or a relatively spacious one where you can fit a desk inside? Consider either trimming down your wardrobe to the essentials, or finding other storage spaces for them, and then turning that closet into your home office.

You can choose to remove or keep the closet doors. But if you do decide to keep them, you can attach a cork board or a peg board to the door to help keep the clutter off of your desk. If the closet has pre existing shelves, you could convert those into bookshelves for your files, manuals, and papers.

Get Organized

Now that you've designated a partition in your home to serve as your dedicated office space. Your next task is to design and maximize it in such a way as it starts to feel like a real office. There are a few ways to do that.

1. Maintain A Clean Desk

A cluttered desk can be a cause for inefficiency and distraction. As much as possible, try to keep your books, files, and papers on shelves. If at all possible, consider going completely digital. Going digital with all your files not only creates more space, but also helps save paper. Not to mention you can have numerous backups stored up in the cloud.

Maintaining a clean desk also helps keep you focused. Leave only the essential equipment on your desk to minimize distractions. If you want to add a touch of personality to your workspace, you can add some greenery with a potted plant or two. You can also choose to hang your pictures on the closet rod or on a wire rather than scatter bulky picture frames on your desk.

2. Practice Cord Control & Management

If you use a lot of gadgets and equipment, consider buying some cord management tools and accessories. The last thing you want to happen with your desk is for it to be littered with wires. Consider, also, buying a charging desk that has outlets built into the desk to lessen the number of cords running through.

3. Consider Other Types of Storage

If you find that you're lacking storage space because you've emptied out your closet or bedside table, consider other means of storage where you can keep your stuff.

Pedestal file cabinets are small enough to tuck underneath your charging desk, and can serve as good storage for both your files and your personal items. Ottomans and footstools that double as storage spaces are also a great place to hide stuff that would otherwise clutter your desk.

It's All About Planning And Execution

Maximizing any small space in your home involves careful planning. Do your best to visualize your workspace and how you'll be able to fit everything in so that its as conducive for work as can be.

Choose to go with furniture that has double uses, such as the charging desk, or those ottomans and footstools. After all, our modern charging desk is not only beautifully designed to be aesthetically pleasing, but also practical and functional as well!

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