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How To Take Your Game Room From Adequate to Awesome: 3 Epic Ideas

display shelves for collectibles

For the consummate gamer, having a dedicated room for their hobby is the pinnacle of success. Whether you enjoy playing board games with your family members or bonding with friends over the latest video games, it’s always nice to have a space separate from the rest of the home for it. It’s a great place to unwind at the end of the day. Having a game room also minimizes distractions for those serious gaming sessions while keeping the noise confined to a single area should things get too rowdy.

Are you thinking of turning your existing living room or that spare bedroom into the ultimate entertainment area? We’ve got a few ideas on how you can transform that space right here. Read on, gamers:

display shelves for collectibles

Decide on a theme

You can, of course, set up a table and some seating in a room and call it a game room, but it won’t feel like one.

At its heart, a game room should inspire you to bring your inner child out. Bare walls, a plastic table, and leftover chairs simply aren't going to cut it. You’ll want a room that makes you feel like gaming and socializing when you enter it. The best way to do this is to decide on a fun theme that will motivate you and your guests to play.

Game enthusiasts are spoiled for choice when it comes to themes. They can draw from their favorite worlds or characters, using colors and accents to emphasize their surroundings. An easy way to both show off and store tabletop miniatures used for games like Dungeons and Dragons, for example, is to use display shelves for collectibles. FENLO offers three sleek variations from their Fancy Display Shelf series: the Fancy Display Shelf takes up a mere 11.42 inches of floor space, but its assembled height of 63.3 inches more than makes up for its small footprint. Each tier can hold up to 60 pounds, ensuring stability for your expensive figurines.

For those with a substantial collection of miniatures and figurines, the Fancy Plus Wide may be a better choice. It has a slightly larger footprint, coming in at 18.9 inches lengthwise. This allows you to put more items on each tier, perhaps grouping your miniatures by class or clan. If you happen to be spatially-challenged instead, we encourage you to check out the Fancy Edge. Like the Fancy Display Shelf, it only occupies a small amount of space and is especially designed to be placed in any available corner. Like the Fancy Display Shelf, both of these display shelves for collectibles are 63.3 inches tall when assembled and come in a variety of colors. They also all come equipped with dimmable LED lighting available in three distinct color temperatures, adding drama to your tableau and providing ambient light when needed.

In addition to display shelves for collectibles, you can also show off your favorite games and characters with artwork. Posters for popular tabletop games, board games, and video games can be purchased from any hobby store. Instead of using double-sided tape to put them up, consider having them framed for a classier look.

Set the mood with lighting

Every gamer knows that light is a major factor that contributes to their feeling of immersion, whether they’re shooting enemies down in Call of Duty or playing a campaign in DnD. Game streamers also use lighting throughout their streaming setups and the area around it to provide points of visual interest to their viewers.

You, too, can bring family members or friends into your game world by controlling how much light is in your game room. No video gaming or streaming room is complete without neon RGB lighting, but if you’re looking for a moodier vibe to complement a dark fantasy tabletop game, you can instead go with vintage sconce bulbs or candles.

In addition to controlling the amount of light in the room, it’s just as important to consider its direction. Glare can make it hard for board game players to see the field, so opt for lights that can be moved in certain directions but still provide enough illumination. We recommend our Falon Dimmable Torchiere Floor Lamp or our Felton Dimmable LED Torchiere Floor Lamp. Both give off a warm white light to minimize eye strain and come with 360° adjustable heads that can be pointed in any direction. With 3 brightness settings, you’ll always have perfect lighting to set the mood with.

display shelves for collectibles

Create a floor plan

Your floor plan will be largely dictated by what kind of games or entertainment you intend to provide in your game room. Dungeons and Dragons enthusiasts typically prefer to gather over a large communal table, with ample seating for the dungeon master and the playing party. Make sure there are enough seats and space to go around, and have a few in reserve for new adventurers joining in.

Those who play video games, on the other hand, like to put themselves in the center of the action. This means providing comfortable seating in front of the television and gaming console. If your group likes motion-controlled games or dabbles in virtual reality (VR), make sure that there is plenty of floor space around for movement to prevent people from bumping into each other.

Storage will be one of the issues you’ll have to contend with when building out a game room. It’ll be more efficient to have all of your board games, tabletop accessories, and/or video games in one place to make them easily accessible. Here, again, FENLO can help. Use any of our Fancy display shelves for collectibles to store and show off your collection. The built-in LED lighting should make locating your favorite items much easier, even in a dimly-lit room. Alternatively, you can visit our sister shop, ATAMIN, for more floor lamps with shelves in a variety of designs.

For more elegant, space-saving solutions that will suit any room in your home, visit FENLO now. Our products are perfect in all places: beautiful and multi-functional, they’re excellent additions to your game room, home office, and anywhere else you can think to put them.

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