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3 Cost-Effective Ways To Upgrade Your Small Bathroom

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In general, people tend to view their bathrooms as purely functional spaces. Unless you’re someone who really enjoys having baths and taking showers, it’s not really a room that anyone would think to spend a ton of time in.

Sometimes, though, the way a bathroom is designed can feed into how long someone would want to spend in it. Small bathrooms, in particular, can feel a little cramped. It’s no surprise, then, that the average person would only want to get in there, do their business, and get out as quickly as possible.

If you’re someone who does enjoy the occasional indulgently long bath, though, and have always wanted a sanctuary of a bathroom, you’re in luck. There are plenty of ways to upgrade your small space without spending an arm and a leg. Here’s how:

Let there be light

Here at FENLO, we’re experts on how light can instantly dictate how a room feels. Small bathrooms can suffer from a lack of adequate light: in apartments, for example, they’re often considered an afterthought and shoved into where it’s most convenient for the building. This usually means that they’re tiny and windowless, seriously limiting a renter’s choices.

Bathrooms also tend to just be filled with stuff. There are several elements in there that simply can’t be conveniently moved: tubs, toilets, sinks, shower stalls. It can feel as though no matter what you do, it’s always going to feel tight. Light can change that.

Natural light is always best, but for some homeowners, this simply isn’t possible. Besides, bathrooms are private spaces, and it wouldn’t do for someone to be able to see directly into it. Our solution? Just add more light. A floor lamp with shelves, such as our Fancy 3-in-1 Dimmable Luxury Display Shelf, is space-saving, functional, and illuminating. It only takes up 11.42 inches of floor space and can be conveniently placed next to your tub to hold fresh towels, your collection of bath products, and anything else you can think of.

For those with significant spatial challenges to overcome, we recommend another floor lamp with shelves, the Fancy Edge Dimmable Corner Display Shelf. Just like the Fancy, the Fancy Edge only occupies a small amount of space and can be placed up against any corner.

What’s great about these floor lamps with shelves is that they come with adjustable LED poles that can be pointed in any direction you desire. They’re also dimmable, allowing you to adjust the amount of light they give off. Every Fancy  floor lamp with shelves is also protected with a chemical-free UV coating that will protect it from day-to-day wear.

Change up the hardware

Some people think that you have to live with the hardware that your bathroom comes with. Most never even consider the possibility that you can–and should–replace old and worn bathroom fixtures, such as your faucets, shower head, and even drawer or closet handles.

Not only will these small changes improve the appearance of your bathroom considerably, chances are they’ll vastly enhance these fixtures’ functionality. If you’ve ever struggled with low water pressure in your sink or shower, simply switching them out for new ones can immediately fix the problem.

You can find faucets, shower heads, and new handles for your cabinets and drawers at any hardware store. If you’re handy, you can put them in yourself. If not, it’s a simple job that any professional plumber or handyman can help you with.

Make peel-and-stick your new best friend

Renters often have to bear the brunt of living with small bathrooms. On top of having little space, they also have to adhere to the stipulations in their contracts that prohibit them from making any permanent changes to their units.

When adding new paint or wallpaper is out of the question and the floors can’t be touched, you’ll have to get creative. Enter: peel-and-stick wallpaper and tiles. These come in a variety of colors and styles, giving you the option to create floor patterns, put together a cheerful backsplash, or even make up an accent wall entirely, without spending too much money, time, or effort. When you move out, all you’ll have to do is peel them right off. Good quality peel-and-stick accents should leave no trace or residue, and it shouldn’t peel off any existing paint or wallpaper that was already there.

We do recommend plotting your design first before removing the protective paper and sticking away. Additionally, it’d be best to stick to light and bright colors, as these will make the bathroom feel bigger than it is.

For more floor lamps with shelves and other furnishings that are perfect in all places, be sure to browse our catalog today. Alternatively, you can visit our sister site, ATAMIN, for more lighting options that you’ll love having in your bathroom, bedroom, living room, and everywhere else in between.

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