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Future Oval Edition - 45" Mid Century Desk with USB-C Charging Station

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  • [Compacted All In One] - A perfectly-sized desk, a detachable 360° adjustable overhead lamp, and all the tech accessibility you’d want (a power outlet, as well as USB and USB-C charging ports) packed into one product you’ll love. This is the modern desk you’ve always wanted.
  • [Reclaim Your Space] - Modern, minimalistic design with a small footprint (45.5” L  x 23.5” W). This office table or desk is perfect for a single room, small apartment, home office, or kid’s room. You can have all the features you need while preserving your living space.
  • [Let There Be Light] - An LED bulb and lampshade are also included. Future Oval includes a mid-century style lamp to brighten the space. If you prefer not to have a lamp, don't fret because the lamp is detachable.
  • [Child And Pet-Friendly Coating] - Unlike other home office desks, this product is treated with an advanced UV coating, which means it’s free of any harsh or chemical smells. Confidently light up your rooms while not having to worry about any airborne toxins reaching your pets, kids, and loved ones!
  • [Assemble In 15 Minutes] - Hassle-free! Our computer desks are easy to assemble. You’ll be done quickly and using your new table with USB in no time. Just open the box and follow the step-by-step instruction manual or enter the link to our professionally produced videos that will walk you through every step of the process.