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How To Make An Old House Feel Brand New

If you're living in an old house and want to give it a fresh, new feel, there are a number of simple and effective ways to do so. One of the most transformative is through lighting. By updating the lighting in your home, you can completely change the character of a space and make it feel brand new.

LED lighting is a particularly good choice for a number of reasons. It's energy-efficient, long-lasting, and produces minimal heat, making it a good choice when looking to upgrade or improve upon existing lighting. 

LED lighting won’t just brighten up your home, but also provide additional storage. The Fantasy - 66" Glass Display Shelves has more than enough space to store valuables or objects you want to be prominently displayed.

If you need even more storage but are a little light on square footage, a corner lamp is a great way to make use of a little used space. Something like FENLO’s Fancy Edge makes the perfect addition to small spaces like compact apartments or student dorms. 

Another interesting feature is LED smart bulbs that can change color and be controlled by an app on your phone. Bulbs like Phillips Hue bulbs easily integrate with smart home setups and can even turn on and off according to a set schedule.

Overall, LED lighting is a simple and effective way to make an old house feel brand new. By considering the color temperature, placement, and intensity of the light, as well as incorporating smart lighting solutions like color changing LED bulbs, you can create a space that's both functional and visually appealing. So if you're looking to give your old house a fresh, new feel, remember to consider the power of LED lighting.

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