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How To Create an Inspiring and Productive Minimalist Home Office

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One of the biggest challenges faced by remote workers today is finding somewhere they can perform their daily tasks. Though some may thrive simply by setting their laptops up on the dining table or even in bed, a vast majority of those who work from home need a dedicated workspace where they can concentrate and be productive.

Having a home office would be ideal: it makes the division between “being at home” and “working” much clearer, leading to improved productivity. It also helps to minimize distractions and noise. Unfortunately, most people simply don’t have the room in their homes to dedicate solely for work.

That’s where minimalism comes in handy. By sticking to the bare essentials, you can carve out a small home office in any area of your home that doesn’t take up a lot of space. Let us show you how:

Choose a working space

Defining a space at home where you’d like to do your work is the first step towards building your minimalist office. It helps to narrow this down first so you’ll know exactly how much area you’ll have to work with.

For best results, choose a low-traffic area away from noise and other things that could distract you. If possible, set your workspace up in a place that lets in plenty of natural light, too. We’ll further elaborate on why this is important later on.

Once you’ve decided on where you’d like your little work nook to be, measure the space and visualize where you’d like certain pieces of furniture to go. Then it’s time to go shopping.

Furnish with intent

The minimalist office requires–as the name suggests– the bare minimum of essentials that will enable you to do your work efficiently and comfortably. A desk and chair are standard, of course.

You can go with a standard office desk and chair, or go the extra mile for yourself with an ergonomic chair. An ergonomic chair will help you maintain good posture, helping to relieve back, shoulder, and neck pain. They’re also more comfortable to sit in for long hours. As for a work surface, you couldn’t go wrong with our Future Desk. It comes equipped with USB-A and USB-C ports for charging all of your devices, as well as an A/C outlet. 

If you work with a lot of papers and books, you’ll also need storage solutions. A display shelf with lights from our catalog of stylish furnishings help provide easy access to the documents you need while providing adequate illumination. You can choose a display shelf with lights that’s as wide or as narrow as you need without sacrificing space or functionality, as all our products feature modern narrow silhouettes that suit any minimalist aesthetic. You can also use this display shelf to hold items that will inspire you, such as photos of your family, art books, and other mementos.

Remove the clutter

Most people have no idea just how distracting clutter can be until they’ve tried working in a messy space. At home, you’ll have to clean up after yourself and make sure your workspace stays that way so that you can focus on your tasks.

Using the Marie Kondo method of decluttering can help clear up any space considerably. KonMari is a method of organization that prioritizes keeping only the things that “spark joy”. In this case, you can use it to narrow down which belongings you need in the space, allowing you to let go of or relocate items that do not.

Keeping your workspace clean and tidy can also aid with focus. If you make use of a lot of cables for work, you can keep them all in one place with a hub. Alternatively, you can purchase a charging desk, such as this future mid-century modern desk with charging station from our catalog. With three inputs up front for USB-A, USB-C, and A/C, you’ll never have to worry about finding the right charger brick again. The desk also supports wireless charging and is compatible with most modern mobile devices and accessories.

Light it up

There’s no denying that having adequate light makes it easier to work. The harmful effects of poor lighting include eye strain, fatigue, and headaches; it also contributes to overall feelings of stress and depression.

Natural light is unbeatable when it comes to illuminating a workspace–that’s why most offices have large, wide windows. This also allows workers to see outside and give their eyes a break from staring at a screen too long. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t adopt this strategy, too.

If positioning your home office in an area that lets natural light in is not possible, you can instead supplement your indoor lighting to approximate it. Our Alvis Edge corner floor lamp with shelves comes equipped with an energy-efficient LED bulb that provides ambient light, but you can always switch it out for one with a higher wattage to brighten up your minimalist office space. Like our other display shelf with lights offerings, you can also use this to store essential work items and documents.

A cleaner and brighter workspace makes work easier to do and leads to a happier you. For more minimalist furnishings that will look great in your home office, check out our selections now.

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