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How to Create a Dazzling Showcase Using Fenlo's Display Shelf with Lights

Display Shelf with Lights

Our display shelf with lights are perfect for highlighting your favorite pieces of decor and other items. You might be wondering, however, how best to go about it!

This question usually comes up because some people find it difficult and challenging to decorate and arrange their shelves in such a way that it doesn't look cluttered, but instead appears thoughtful and sophisticated.

We've come up with this article to further help our customers and clients be able to create the perfect display using our display shelf with lights. So keep on reading to learn more!

display shelf with lights

Uncluttering Your Shelf Display

The first step to giving that display shelf with lights that dazzling debonair is to get rid of the clutter. After all, there is always beauty in simplicity. The more you're able to pare down your display to its bare essentials, the more gorgeous and beautiful it will look.

Here are a few tips on how, exactly, you can get started decluttering those display shelves.

1. Only Keep Items that Spark Joy

Marie Kondo said it best when she said to only keep things that spark joy. When you truly and seriously consider what you want displayed on your shelves, you'll realize that you only want to keep things that will bring you joy whenever you find your gaze falling on it.

That said, if your shelves are too cluttered at the moment, and you're not sure which ones to keep on display and which to pack away, you can give some of Marie Kondo's methods a try.

Try holding each piece in your hands. Do they spark a sense of joy or happiness? Is that vase, silverware, or antique something that will inspire or bring joy to your heart every time you see it on display? Consider these questions with every little trinket you plan on showing off on one of your shelves.

2. Use Baskets & Storage Boxes

If you use your shelves for storage as well as display, then consider getting a set of baskets that fit the overall aesthetic that you have going for your shelves. If all the items you have on display follow a certain theme or color palette, find baskets that better accentuate that theme and tuck in whatever clutter you might have into them.

3. Perform a Little Mix & Match

Sometimes all you really need is a bit of rearranging to get things looking cleaner, prettier, and more sophisticated. Try pairing together items of varying sizes and heights.

Putting together too many small decorative pieces, for example, can make a space look cluttered no matter how well you arrange them. To remedy that, mix it up a bit with some larger decor. Plants, jars, vases, and picture frames are great examples of larger pieces that can help make your shelves seem less cluttered.

display shelf with lights

Ways to Arrange An Interesting Display

Now that we've covered how to keep your shelves from looking cluttered, let's talk about what you can do to make them stand out and look amazing.

1. Create Splashes of Color

With most display shelf ideas on the net, you'll notice that a lot recommend sticking to a certain color palette or theme. And while generally, that's a great way to create the perfect display, adding in a little contrasting colors here and there can also work wonders.

If you're going to add a bit of color to an otherwise neutral white or gray, we recommend spreading these out as much as possible. These splashes of color can help the eye wander from shelf to shelf, letting viewers take in as much of the display as possible, and having them notice more of the details involved with each item.

2. Don't Keep Your Books In One Place

Instead of setting up all your books on one shelf, split them up. Also, vary their positioning a bit by displaying some books horizontally and some vertically.

When setting books up horizontally, put a bit of variety in the number of books stacked. Stacks of three are usually the standard. However, you can always mix this up by stacking books in twos, fours, or even fives, if the shelf height allows it.

Additionally, just like how you'd choose to put a book end on books that are arranged vertically, do the same for books that are stacked horizontally. Placing a decorative jar, vase, or pot can be the perfect bookend to horizontally-stacked books.

3. Use Groups of Three

When it comes to decorating, one of the principle rules is the rule of three. It's a simple formula that helps make any display appealing to the eyes.

One example of a group of three would be bunching up a plant, picture frame, and some books together on the left side of your shelf, and then creating another group of three on the right side using a sculpture, vase, and a set of candles. Can you imagine it? This way, both the left and right sides of your shelf occupy a good amount of space, create enough variety in their makeup, and at the same time don't look too cluttered.

4. Make Use of Good Lighting

Placing your shelves in a well-lit area of your room also affects your display. You want to have your shelves standing in a place that captures a lot of natural light. However, if your home doesn't have a lot of windows, it's also possible to create that light artificially using a variety of different light fixtures.

In fact, this is the problem our display shelf with lights aims to solve. By having LED lights already installed in the shelves themselves, there's no need to worry about whether or not your displays will be kept in the dark. The LED lights are well-placed and strong enough to give your displays the best look and feel. What's more, you can also choose from a variety of different finishes for these display shelves so that they blend perfectly with your interior walls and flooring.

So if you're interested in finding the perfect display shelf for your home, visit our store to check out our fancy, multifunctional display shelf with lights.

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