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How to Best Style and Set Up Your Curio Display

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Have you been struggling with trying to figure out the best way to arrange your trinkets and collectibles on your curio display?

Humans, by nature, love to keep and collect things that are important to them. As kids, everything starts with stickers, stamps, coins, shells, and toys. Over time, our collections also change and evolve just as we ourselves continue to evolve into adulthood.

As adults, though, how do we best show off our collections? After all, they speak a great deal about who we are and where our interests lie. They're also a great way to help family and friends get to know us better.

Curio displays are the perfect way to showcase who we are. But simply stuffing all our collectibles onto a display cabinet or shelf isn't exactly the best way to go about it.

That said, how do we set up our display in such a way that it stands out and shines? That's what we're here to find out.

Choose What You Want to Show Off In Your Curio Display

The first step in creating an unforgettable display shelf starts with selection. Pick a theme that you want your shelf to embody. Do you want your display shelf to be all about your passions and interests? Do you want it to highlight certain facts, details, and stories about your family history?

Thinking about these things helps you visualize and come up with a rough image or idea of what you want your shelf to look like. If you're unsure, though, here are a few examples of what you can put on display.

1. Travel Mementos

Do you like to travel? Maybe you like recounting the memories and experiences you've gained throughout your travels through mementos and memorabilia. A display shelf showcasing all your adventures would be the perfect place to help you think back and reminisce.

2. Antiques & Sculptures

Do you like to collect rare and valuable antiques and sculptures? Perhaps you have a set of old clocks, cameras, or tea sets. Or maybe you value art in the form of sculptures. They'd be a perfect fit for any curio display.

3. Figurines

Depending on your interests, some people like collecting traditional dolls and figurines, while others lean towards the geekier side and love to collect figures of their favorite superheroes or fictional characters. Well, setting them up on your curio display is bound to make guests and visitors curious.

4. Vintage or Collectible Books

Do you have a first edition copy of your favorite book? Not everyone can afford to buy rare and antiquarian books, however that doesn't mean that you can't display some of your most prized books in your display cabinet. A lot of publishers like Barnes & Noble or Penguin often release collectible editions of classic literature. Find an edition whose cover you can't help but covet? The best place to show them off would be in your curio display.

5. Family Heirlooms

Some of the most common family heirlooms include jewelry, medals, timepieces, letters, diaries, and scrapbooks. Having them arranged on a display shelf is a good way to exhibit your family history and heritage. Each piece should have a story behind it, after all, and every now and then you'll be able to tell that story to your guests, kids, and grandkids thanks to a curio display.

Styling Your Curio Display

Now that you've picked out what exactly you want displayed on your display shelf, let's discuss how to go about arranging your items in such a way that they don't look cluttered and are, instead, pleasing to the eye. Here are a couple of tips to getting that curio display to shine.

1. Stay Within Your Color Palette

Earlier we talked about choosing a theme. In this case, that doesn't just apply to what types of items you want to display, but also the colors that are involved. Having your display in a consistent color palette is very easy on the eyes. Having clashing color palettes, on the other hand, will only make your display seem cluttered.

2. Give Each Item Proper Spacing

When you think about it, the reason you want to set up a curio display in the first place is so that you and others can admire the things on exhibit. That said, having too many things bunched up together all at once only takes away the opportunity for one's eyes to truly admire and appreciate what's on display.

3. Give it Proper Lighting

You can't admire what you can't see. The same goes with your display shelf. As much as possible, try to set up your shelves close to a window or light source. If that's not an option, our curio display with LED lights are the perfect alternative. Made with built-in lights, they're able to shine a light onto your most prized memorabilia.

Plan & Perfect

All in all, setting up the perfect display is really all about planning. The more you're able to visualize and plan what it is you want to do with your curio display, the better.

And if you're looking to find the perfect shelves to house your collectibles, then check out our display shelves with LED lights over on our website. You'll find that nothing highlights your memorabilia more than a shelf that's specifically designed to let them shine.

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