Finding the Best Display Shelf for your Album Collection

display shelves for collectibles

If you’re like other classic music lovers, then you’ve probably acquired quite a collection of albums over the years. Sure, the digital music scene is booming, but there’s something to be said for vinyls and CDs.

If your collection is growing but doesn’t have a nice home, this article is for you. The right display shelves for collectibles might be the ideal solution if you need a practical place to store your collection that shows it off while still allowing you to easily access them for use as well.

At FENLO, we have a variety of display shelves that will fit your diverse music collection. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you find which of our fancy display shelves will make your album collection shine - literally. All of our display shelves come with built-in LED lighting that not only illuminates your space but also highlights your collection’s artistic appeal.

Here’s a closer look at our Fancy Display Shelf series.

Corner Display Shelves

As the name suggests, corner display shelves are best for making the most of those awkward corner spaces. This is the perfect place for a budding album collection.

Our corner display shelves stands 5.35 feet, with 4 tiers, and can hold up to 60lbs easily. The LED lighting is adjustable to point in any direction you desire. It is also dimmable, the brightness can be adjusted using a foot switch between 3 different settings - cozy warm glow, natural brightness, and high visibility brightness.

Corner shelves are also the perfect option if you want your collection sprinkled in different parts of your home. This is also an appropriate option for smaller albums, like jewel-encased CDs. Maybe even put your newly-acquired aesthetic CD player up on the shelf too.  

Wide Display Shelves

Wide display shelves are great for bigger music collectibles. Vinyl records and K-Pop albums could be better as they are likely to take up more space. These shelves can also serve more than just one purpose. Its size and shape make it a viable means to section off a part of your home, room, or office.

Our Fancy Plus wide display shelves for collectibles are 18.9 inches in length, 11.8 inches in width, and 64.3 inches in height.  Equipped with the same lighting features and adjustable directions to boot. If you place more than one of these shelves together, they can easily become a wall of your prized possessions!

These wide display shelves are meant to have more display space to house more pieces from your collection.

Fancy Display Shelves

Fancy display shelves come in a sleek form and function beautifully as a lamp! This is perfect for displaying statement pieces and not necessarily your whole collection. So, if you only want a few albums up on display, this is the shelf for you.

It also stands at 5.35 ft. and has an equal length and width of 11.42 inches. This minimal yet aesthetically pleasing display shelf can be placed as a subtle addition to your room decor and also as a focal point.

Our Fancy Plus display shelves for collectibles come in six different finishes that you can choose from. Your options are black, white, walnut, brown, natural wood, and rustic wood. The variety allows you to find the best finish to blend with different design styles in your home, office, or bedroom.

Display shelves for collectibles make for great decor and mood boosters. By displaying your favorite artists’ music in multiple areas or facets of your life, you give yourself more chances to showcase your interests and give yourself visual reminders of things that bring you joy.

House your album collection on display shelves that truly give them justice. Your prized possessions deserve to live in the spotlight. Keeping them stored in dry, dark, and cold spaces can put them at risk of damage. Give them the attention and care they deserve by putting them on display for the world to see.

Before choosing which shelf to choose to have your collection displayed on, it is important also to already determine which albums you’re showing off. Doing so can already help you determine which of our shelves will be the best option.

Shelving doesn’t have to be boring! Make sure to check out our wide range of products to give your beloved collection the spotlight it deserves. With adjustable directional light and brightness settings, among other features, you can also set the mood in your space!

Find display shelves for collectibles that don’t only give you additional storage, but also provide points of artistic focus in whatever space you place them in. Visit our shop to find the best accessories to accentuate your collection’s charm even further.

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